Thursday, 22 May 2014

One of these days...

The top of that ridge is called 'Crib Goch', which translates as Red Ridge.

It is pure treasure in the eyes of both mine and one of my best friend's, Karl. Crib Goch is an 'arete', or ridge, which provides the most challenging ascent of Snowdon (the second tallest mountain in the UK). It's a knife edge with an elevation of 923 meters (3,028 ft in old money) and is famous for being a challenging, but enjoyable, scramble.

Karl and I will often escape the hustle and bustle of the rat race (and the nagging of our other halves), for the peace, tranquility and adventure of the Welsh mountains. When we went last time, we found ourselves looking up at Crib Goch with a desperate longing to conquer it... Unfortunately, our lack of experience combined with the dangerous weather meant we had to go for the easier route :(
I think about it often, and we were due to be going to Wales this month. Sucks that it will have to wait for another month.

Jonesy, we will make it to the top of Snowdon before sprog enters the world... that's a promise!

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