Wednesday, 21 May 2014

And so it all begins...

As the saying goes, the darling wife has a bun in the oven! Yep, she's pregnant. In 7 months time - 31 weeks or 214 days to be precise - we will have our very own mini us... Exciting times!! In fact, since we found out, I have done nothing but obsess... I'm reading books/websites/blogs, nesting the house, reviewing baby stuff, dictating what my wife can and can't eat... The list goes on.

So what's the idea of the blog? Well, it's a mixture of things really. I love the idea of creating an online journal (blog) of my experiences. It's a kind of 'reflection' of my thoughts and feelings. Something to look back on, to share with the children and my wife in years to come. Looking inwardly, I guess it's also about feeling like I am doing all I can to proactively prepare for the biggest responsibility I will ever face. I want to be full of useful information, well educated in the most important aspects of fatherhood, and remain committed to growing as a person and as a father. In blogging I'm forced to research and spend time often thinking about my role as a dad.

I've found that some of the most interesting things I've read, and those that men can relate to most, are found within the treasure trove of 'Dad' blogs out there. It seems to me that the modern fathers interest in the upbringing of children and the sharing of those experiences is as popular as the expansive world of 'Mum' blogs. So whilst I reflect in my blogging, and use it as a means of personal gain, I feel that sharing it with the world could also be beneficial for other dads out there too.

From the joys and excitement of the 9 months of pregnancy (for me at least), to the stress inducing, well drawn out years of guiding a teenager through spots, hormones and things being 'so unfair!!!' I will attempt to write a thoughtful and insightful look into the world of a modern father. And to make things interesting, I might include a cheeky post or two about football, tools, cars, bikes and a whole host of all other things 'manly'...

... I know, I know... Just perfect!!

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