Tuesday, 10 June 2014


That there is the 12 week scan of the newest addition to the Dudley family... His/her very first photo.
Baby has been dated as being a conceived a week later than we first thought... So he/she is 11 weeks and 2 days old. Which means the expected due date (EDD) is 27th Dec 2014; which just so happens to be Sarah's birthday.

What an incredible experience it was to see our child for the first time. The tears welled up, as a smile a mile wide came across my face. She/he was wriggling like nobodies business.
It was possible to identify the heart beat, but only visually. I was expecting to hear it, as well as see it, but apparently they don't do that there... That comes with the midwife appointments.

It all became just that little bit more real yesterday. Our anxieties (only natural) were relieved and that meant that we could go ahead and tell the world. So now everyone knows... The Dudley family is expanding.

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